Stages of cancer actually have two versions. Those two versions are completely similar. Cancer is caused by the mutation of normal gen. Mutated gen causing cancer is called to be oncogenes. From the oncogenes, it is produced cancer sels having non-self destruction features. This makes the cancer cells developing in the body. Cancer cells are growing uncontrolled to force the other normal cells so that it makes it function abnormally. The cancer cells can destroy the main body organs having the right function.  
There are so many types of cancer detected in medical world. In medical system, the stages of cancer are well known to be stadium in which it is the developing stage of cancer in the body.  This disease looks frightening because it is one of the death diseases killing so many people in the world. Here is the list of the stages of cancer.

Stage of Cancer Stadium 0
The symptom of stadium 0 on cancer is usually showed to be the abnormality of cells on the certain body parts. The stages of cancer in this level are a condition in which cancer has been growing but it does not spread in the other body parts. Prognosis is generally very helpful in this stage. The surgical operation on the tumor and evaluation of risk factor can be done to decrease the growth of cancer. There are three stages in this stadium. Firstly, normal DNA cells have been divided normally. DNA then mutates and normal cells have genetic changes genetically.

Stages of Cancer at Stadium I
In stadium I, abnormal cells start to come together to form glands having cancer features. But, it has huge possibility to cure. Oncologists and surgical doctors still regard this stadium on being the initial stage of cancer. It needs the cure and treatment soon. The complementary medical and alternative treatments can be conducted to be the main cure included the changes of healthy diet habit and changes of patient characters to be more positive to fight for the cancer to never attack them anymore.

Stages of Cancer at Stadium II
The next stages of cancer come to the stadium II. This stadium is characterized to be developing gland to be small tumor. Though it appears tumor, the cancer in this stadium does not spread to the patient’s body organ seriously. The living opportunity in this stage is still completely opened. You have to do the quickly and wisely medical steps to cure this cancer.

Stages of Cancer at Stadium III
After the tumor has developed and malignant, patients have been officially diagnosed cancer in this stadium III. In this stage, cancer cells can enter the bloodstream that is able to direct on the detection of system and lymph because cancer cells can run to the spot of limfe.

Stages of Cancer at Stadium IV
The last stage of cancer is called stadium IV. It belongs to the final stadium of cancer disease. It is signed with some body organs attacked by cancer cells. In addition, stadium IV cancer is usually difficult and impossibly to cure because the cancer has spread to the other body organs. But, conducting alternative treatment and healthy life style can help to keep the living opportunity of patients. The worst condition in this stage is metastasis. Cancer cells can survive in normal cells on the other body parts and initiating new colony of cancer cells in which it makes your vital body organs killed by cancer cells. You should understand the above stages of cancer.

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