Cancer is a death disease in which most of the people absolutely do not want to suffer this disease. You have to understand early symptoms of cancer in order that you can prepare yourself with some medical treatments. Here are some forgetting cancer symptoms that you should know.

Abnormal Bleeding
Abnormal bleeding from body holes can be a symptom of cancer. Blood in flegma is probably being the sign of lung cancer. Meanwhile, blood on the feces possibly becomes a symptom of colorectal cancer. Abnormal vagina bleeding can indicate that it is uterus cancer, ovarium cancer, or serviks cancer. Bleeding from nipple is likely a symptom of breast cancer. You have to be aware of those cancer symptoms.

Thickening Process on Breasts or the Other Body Parts
There are many cancers that can be felt through skin especially breasts, testis, lymph and soft body glands. The thickening process can be an early sign or the last symptom of cancer. You have to report it to doctor when you found it. Moreover, when the thickening process is getting bigger, you need to go to doctor soon.  You probably feel bump on the skin in which it is still the beginning symptoms of cancer and probably cured.

Losing Weight and Suffering Fever
Losing weight for 5 kilogram cannot be explained to the first symptom of cancer especially pancreas cancer, belly, esforagus or lungs cancer. Fever generally appears in the next stage of this disease. If the cancer has spread to the origin point to the other body parts, almost all cancer patients will suffer fever in some stages. Moreover, if the cancer influences body immune system, it is decreasing the body from infection.

The Changes of Moles
Every change on color, shape, and size on the mole should be reported to the doctor soon. It is possibly being a sign of melanoma. It can be diagnosed earlier and cured. So, you need to concern more on those changes on the mole.

The Changes of Pooping Habit
Chronic constipation, diarrhea, or the change of feces is able to indicated colon cancer. When you feel painful in urinating, bleeding in urine or getting the changes of urine, you should be aware and careful on those changes. It can be indicated to be symptoms of cancer related to prostate or urine. Every change in urine function should be known by your doctor. Those are some forgetting cancer symptoms that you should know to prevent it earlier.

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