Hello reader, are you facing problems with Facetime or are you worried about how to make video calling without Facetime? Here, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best alternatives for Facetime Application.

Facetime wasn’t the first video calling app developed but it is one of the best well-known and most widely used app. Facetime is one of the coolest video telephony product developed by Apple Inc. As Facetime become popular, many Android users wish to get the Facetime app for their device. But the developers are still working on Facetime App for Android device. There are many apps compatible for Android devices and do the same thing as Facetime.

Some of the Best Alternatives to Facetime for Video Calling for Android

Just because Facetime is not available for Android user that doesn’t mean the Android users are not allowed for video calling. Here are the some of the best video calling apps available at Google play store.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the newest app in our list, which is one among the best. The main feature of the Google Duo is its simplicity, all you need is a Phone Number that’s it. You can make a video call using your mobile number and you can able to see the caller before you answer the call. It supports video calls for individuals and groups up to 10. It also used for voice calling, texting and integration with other Google Services.

Cost – Free

Platform – Android, iOS, Web 


Skype is one of the oldest and most widely used video calling app. It is used for both video and voice calling, messaging, file sharing etc.… It also supports many devices like PC, Laptop, Smart devices and Smart Tv and Game consoles.

Cost – Free app, calls to landlines, mobiles, international calls are paid

Platform – Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows


WhatsApp is a well-known application which is widely used all over the world. Facebook bought it for US$19 billion in 2014. Since then it’s has grown over 1 billion monthly users. It has video calling, message texting, file sharing and contact sharing, group chats, video and image sharing with a robust set of features. The first year of using this app is free and subsequent years they charge on $0.99.

Cost – Free App (only for First Year), $0.99(from next year)

Platform – Android, Blackberry, iOS, Nokia, Windows

Facebook Messenger

This is a standalone app version of Facebook’s web-based messaging feature. We can use it for video chat with your Facebook friends. It also offers voice calling (free if you use over Wi-Fi), text chat, share files and group chats.

Cost – Free

Platform – Android, iOS, Web


Imo has a standard set of features for video calling. It supports free video and voice calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. It also supports text chat between individuals and groups, share photos and videos. The main feature of the imo is that its encrypted chats and calls are more private and secure.

Cost – Free

Platform – Android, iOS


OoVoo offers free calls, video calls and text messaging/ chat. It support video calls up to 12 people, echo reduction for improved audio quality. It has a special feature that the user can watch YouTube videos while chatting. You can also see an option of video record on PC. International calls are paid.

Cost – free, International and Landline calls are paid.

Platform – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web

Hopefully, this article helps you to find the alternative apps for Facetime for a video call. Thank You.

Note – Please comment below if you have any queries.


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