What causes cancer on your breast? Well, this discussion becomes the hot topic today. As we know that there are a lot of patients of this cancer especially for women. There are also some male patients who get this cancer. There is 22.9 % invasive cancer for women in the world. Then, for the death risk, it reaches about 18.2 % of those patients.
This cancer attacks women on higher rates. It is also developed significantly. There are several factors for that. For example, we can find unhealthy lifestyles and bad food habits of women. Well, according to the National Cancer Institute, there are 232,340 females and 2,240 males in USA who got breast cancer. There are also 39,620 death cases that are caused by this cancer.
So, do you want to know about some causes of this cancer? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion about what causes cancer on your breast.

Age and Genetic Factor
First of all, we can discuss about age. It is related to the women who are getting older. The more they are getting older, the higher risk they can get. They will get developing breast cancer significantly. For your information, over 80% of female breast cancer patients are up to 50+ ages.
The second is genetic factor. This cancer can happen to a woman who has close relative to the family with breast cancer too. If there are two families develop this cancer, they can share cancer gen. It is because breast cancer is the relative common cancer.

Having History of Breast Cancer and Obesity
The next causes of this cancer are breast cancer history and obesity. All women who have had breast cancer may get the same cancer on higher level even if they only got non-invasive type. Well, they will get higher risk than women without past breast cancer.
Then, this cancer can be also caused by obesity. There are some people with obesity or overweight problem may get higher risk of developing cancer in breast. How can it happen? Some experts say that obese women will produce higher estrogen that can be the main cause of this cancer.
In other hand, breast cancer can be also happened for women who get periods earlier. In this case, they will get estrogen exposure when getting period. So, finally those are all some discussions about breast cancer: what causes cancer.

Brain cancer symptoms discussion becomes the hot topic today. There are a lot of people who try to find this discussion. How can? It is because the number of this cancer patient is getting higher. That’s why somebody needs to know about its symptoms.
Then, for your information, not all tumors in brain can give symptoms. Besides that, there are also other diseases that can cause the symptoms on your head. That’s why you have to see the specialist or doctor to detect what happened in your brain.
Well, so do you want to know more about brain cancer symptoms discussion? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here are some symptoms that can be found on this article.

Symptoms Factors
Before explaining about its symptoms, here is the discussion about some causes that can create symptoms of it. First of all, you may get the symptoms because there is tumor encroaching or pressing on other parts of your brain. Then, it will also keep its function there for longer time. It can give headache for you.
Then, swelling in your brain also can be caused by its tumor and surrounding inflammation on your head. So, those are all some factors that can cause the symptoms of brain tumor. You will get them if those conditions attack you. Well, check reading below. There will be common symptoms of this cancer.

Symptoms of This Cancer
There are common symptoms following this cancer. First of all, you may get headache. This headache can be worst in certain condition. Even, it can make the patients fainted. Besides that, you can also get weakness. For some cases, the patients cannot do activities normally. It is because of tumor that develops on their brain. It also influences other nerves on their brain system.
Besides that, you will also get clumsiness and seizures around your head. You will feel high disturbance because of your headache. Sometimes, you can also get difficulties when walking. It is because you get the altered mental status. This case is related with your memory, concentration, and attention.
The next common symptom is for getting vision abnormalities. Then, the patients will also get speech difficulties. Those problems are caused by nerves disturbances surrounding your brain. Meanwhile for the worst symptom that can be recognized is getting the gradual changes in your emotional and intellectual capacity. Finally, those are all the discussions about brain cancer symptoms.