What is colon cancer? It is a kind of cancers which is begun in the colon. It is one of dangerous type because until now, there is no exact treatment to cure it. Some doctors also still don’t know what the causes are in order trigger this disease. However, it can be happened when the cells in colon are changed and getting damaged. Even though there is no exact therapies to this disease, this article will try to give several tips in order to prevent it.

· Changing the menu for your meal can help you to avoid the disease. What you need to consume is healthy food like vegetables and fruit and what you need to avoid is eating too much meats.
· Consuming aspirin is another tip to prevent from colon cancer, but there is something that you need to remember, don’t eat aspirin over the instruction. It is because it will increase another dangerous thing like gastrointestinal bleeding.
· Stop smoking! It does’n only make your cell in the colon to be uncontrolled, but also in the other parts as well.
Those three tips are the simplest way to keep you avoided from the disease. After knowing those points, you also have to know at least a bit about the types of colon cancer.

In addition, this article also will give you some types of colon cancer. Actually, there are a lot of kinds which is started from colon cancer, but here are the most two names of the cancer that have highest possibility to suffer people.
· The first disorder can multiply many of polyps in the lining of your colon. People with familial adenomatous polyposis have a greatly increased risk of having colon cancer, especially for them who are under 40 years old.
· The second one contains of syndrome which is also well known as Lynch syndrome. It can cause to have a colon cancer or even the other cancers. People with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer can have a colon cancer, especially for them who are under 50 years old.

Since the treatments and therapies for curing the colon cancer haven’t been found yet, it is very important for you to keep checking your body to a doctor. This cancer is hereditary disease, which means checking your family’s history of the cancer is also as important as checking your own body. Thus, after reading this article, the question of ‘what is colon cancer?’ and ‘what are the causes of the disease?’ can be answered well.

The question of ‘what is lung cancer?’ is started appear in everyone’s mind in every country since this disease is quite dangerous, especially for your breathing process. Lung cancer is an uncontrolled development of abnormal cells in one lung or even both of your lungs. The cells do not spread and deploy to the other organs, but divide rapidly and form tumor in your lung(s). The tumor itself can be larger and become more numerous in every single day, and it will interfere your breathing process which means the oxygen cannot flow as well as before.

There are two kinds’ descriptions of lung cancer that are common known in medical terms.

⦁ The FIRST one usually spreads to people who love smoking. It often starts in the bronchi in the center of the chest, and it also moves widely in the course of the disease. This disease is also well known as oat cell cancer, oat cell carcinoma, or small cell undifferentiated carcinoma.

⦁ The SECOND one is the opposite of the previous cancer. This cancer is divided into three types:
⦁ This kind of cancer starts secreting substances just like mucus. This cancer often suffers younger people especially women and of course smokers.
⦁ This cancer consists of flat cells that line the inside of the lungs. This cancer is often located in the middle of the lungs, close to bronchus.
⦁ This cancer can appear in the lung, and it can develop quicker rather than the others. This kind of cancer is the hardest cancer to treat compared to the other two types of cancer before. This cancer is also well known as large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma which is quite similar to the previous type.

This kind of cancer takes 75% to 90% of cancer patients. This cancer creates a group of tumor which looks similar between each other, and the three types of this cancer are only to differentiate the size of the tumor.
Besides those lung cancers, there are also the other types of the disease, but it is not as dangerous as the previous ones. Thus, those kinds of lung cancer only count 1% to 5% in suffering people which proves that the spread is not really fast. Hopefully, after reading this article, there will not be a question such as ‘what is lung cancer?’ anymore, and you get some information and know the danger of having lung cancer.