Symptoms of colon cancer information can be found in some sources today. Colon is one of important organ on your body and it plays important role too for your whole body condition. Colon cancer will make you suffer and you will not be able to do your activity because most people will feel weaknesses. Colon cancer can be detected in fast time when you understand about signs or symptoms of this disease. That is why when you want to be free from worst condition because of this cancer, you better read detail information about this colon cancer symptoms below.

Experience Bowel Habits
Most of people who experience this colon cancer will feel some symptoms of colon cancer such as changing in bowel habits. Some people will experience diarrhea and constipation too. You will find the change of consistency of the stool too. The other people who suffer with this colon cancer will find rectal bleeding or when you find blood in your stool. Of course when you get this cancer, you will feel discomfort in your abdominal and the signs are cramps, pain and also gas. You will always feel that your bowel is not empty completely. As it is said previously, you will feel fatigue and also weakness. The next symptom that you will feel is weight loss in fast time but you don’t know the cause of your weight loss.

When to Visit Doctor
Some people ask when you must visit your doctor to know whether you get this disease or not. Most people with colon cancer will not experience symptom in the early stage of this cancer. When you have already experiences some symptoms above, it means you have already had worst cancer. It is good for you to visit your doctor when you find blood in your stool or when you find some changes in your bowel habits too. You must talk to your doctor about what you feel and your doctor will suggest you to do screening for this cancer. Actually when you are over 50, it is better to do screening for this cancer regularly. It will avoid some risks and some worst condition. You who have risk factors such as family history will get this disease in easy way too. You should not feel fear because there are some prevention steps that you can do to avoid this disease. You can start to visit and consult with your doctor when you find some symptoms of colon cancer.

Symptoms of cervical cancer are various. Most of women in the world today feel so fear with this cancer. This cancer can attack all girls and women from various ages too. The cause of this cancer is various too and it can be caused by bad lifestyle. That is why sometime women don’t know whether they suffer with this cancer because most of women are lack of knowledge about this cancer too. Some symptoms will not occur until women get true invasive cancer. For all of you who want to find fast treatment for your cervical cancer, it is better for you to understand too about signs or symptoms of this cervical cancer. You better read information below.

Abnormal Vagina Bleeding
One of some symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding. Women will experience bleeding after sex or when they experience vaginal intercourse. Women may experience bleeding after menopause and bleeding between periods. If you experience longer and heavier menstrual period than the usual, whatsapp for ipad you may be careful too because it can be used as a sign of cervical cancer too. Most women with cervical cancer will feel pain too during their sex. They will experience unusual discharge from their vagina too. You often find blood.

Growth of Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is worst cancer for women. There are so many women that suffer with this cancer and they must die because of this cancer. In US the amount of women who get this cancer is low because most of women in this country do cancer screening in regular time. It means they can avoid this disease earlier and get fast treatment too for their cancer. This cancer is commonly caused by virus that is called as human papillomavirus. This virus is got when women have sexual contact with other people who have this virus too. Infection can cause this cancer too. When you find genital warts too you must be careful because it can lead you to get and suffer with cervical cancer too. You should not feel fear with this cancer because there are some treatments that you can do when you know earlier. You need to do screening routine in order to know your body condition. You can also search more information about this cancer in some sources. Knowing more about some cancer types and symptoms will help you to avoid getting cancer or making your body in worst condition. You can visit your doctor when you find somesymptoms of cervical cancer above.