It is important to know symptoms of bowel cancer before it is too late to have treatment and late stage. In early stages cancer bowel, this disease does not have signs or symptom. Due to bleeding in bowel tumors, cancer in bowel is often causes the red blood cells shortage. This condition called with anaemia and probably caused condition where patients feel tired and breathlessness. If you experience these conditions in two weeks, you need to call your doctor soon to consult about it. The first stage of bowel cancer is it developed from clumps cells inside in inner lining bowel.  

Possibility Symptoms of Bowel Cancer
The possibility symptom and signs of bowel cancer is change in bowel habit that persistent such as looser, constipation, diarrhoea, or smaller bowel movement is the main symptoms of bowel cancer. There is change in bowel movement appearance such as narrower stools than before or there is mucus in stools. The present of blood in the stools and bleeding in rectal that bright red or very dark. There is frequent gas pain, feeling of fullness and bloating in bowel and rectum, cramps, unexplained anaemia, feeling that bowel is not emptied enough even after bowel movement, and abdominal pain, vomiting, swelling and lump in tummy. Not all condition of these possibility symptoms that occur is symptom of bowel cancer, because some foods and medicines able to causes this condition. Many of these conditions are less much from serious cancer such as infections, inflammatory bowel disease or piles (haemorrhoids).

The Symptoms of Bowel Cancer Stage
Treating the bowel cancer in depend on the stage and location of your bowel cancer. The main treatment includes surgery, radiotherapy, biological therapy, and chemotherapy. The stage from your bowel cancer will tell on how big the cancer and how it is has spread in your body that will determine your treatment that you need base on your cancer stage. There is four stages of tumor sizes in bowel cancer, T1 means your tumor is located only in inner layer from bowel. The T1 means that the tumor has grown into layer of muscle from bowel wall. The T3 means that the bowel tumor has grown into outer line from bowel wall. The T4 means that your tumor has spreads and grown through into outer lining from bowel wall. This condition includes the cancer grown into other parts of bowel, or spread into other organs and structures. By detect your earlier symptoms of bowel cancercan prevent you from worst cancer condition and complications.

Bowel cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cancer cells in color and bowel area and even anus. Bowel cancer usually appears in the thin gland along the intestine and can be diagnosed with colonoscopy method. Bowel cancer symptoms actually can be recognized easily. This cancer is caused by risk factor from family, smoking habit and obesity. Here is the list of those cancer symptoms.

Blood on Your Feces
When you poop, you should see the shape of your feces. If you find blood on your feces, you need to take an action. It is probably being a main symptom of bowel cancer. It actually becomes the sign of the other cancer types as well. In addition to get blood, the texture of feces usually changes to be long and thin for the bowel cancer sufferers.

Bleeding makes you lost your blood. Because you lose too much blood through feces, your body absolutely has risks to get anemia. The sufferers of bowel cancer are suffering anemia. Your body will feel weak and the body skin color changes to be pale.

Feeling tired and fatigue seems to be a common condition when you have spent your time in doing some busy activities. But, you have to be careful on this symptom. When tiredness comes almost all the time even you only do few activities, it is likely another symptom of bowel cancer. Be aware please. The tiredness can be caused by anemia. This condition can become one of serious bowel cancer symptoms.

Weight Loss
In addition to get anemia and tiredness, bowel cancer sufferers will also lose weight drastically. Meanwhile, the sufferers do not run a diet program or weight loss program. If you are in that condition, you need to check your health to the doctor to anticipate the worst thing and problem happened.

Pooping Problems
Diarrhea and constipation becomes the common pooping problems. But, you should neglect the condition. If you have it and included the other bowel cancer symptoms, you must check your condition to the doctor.

Feeling Uncomfortable on Your Belly
The next symptom of bowel cancer is feeling sick on your belly. It is being the positive sign of getting bowel cancer. Moreover, if you feel painful, sick, inflammation and bloated on your belly area, it must be cancer when it is followed by the other symptoms.

For the obesity case, you usually have big belly when bowel cancer attacks you. So, before it is too late, try to lose your weight because obesity is the main factor of causing bowel cancer. Those are some positive bowel cancer symptoms that you should know.