Have you ever heard about Metastatic breast cancer or stage 4 breast cancer? It is a breast cancer that has spread started from the breast to the other organs in the body. It usually spreads to the bones, lungs, liver, even to brain. This disease usually spreads to women, and it is the last stage of breast cancer which means this disease is quite dangerous to the suffered. This cancer also can create another symptom like tumor in the other organs, but if it is started from the breast cancer, it is still called as breast cancer. However, there are several information about breast cancer that you need to know.

What is the prognosis?
This cancer has different symptoms depend on how wide the disease has spread and multiplied to the other organs. Even though the treatment has not been found exactly, there are some therapies that can be done to increase the qualify of your life.

Survival rates
These rates cannot be predicted accurately, it  is based on some conditions of the patient. For examples, it can be influenced by your age, general health, the attitude, and the therapy that you have done. The earlier, the better, which means checking up your condition routinely will best the best option to resist the symptom of the cancer. The research shows that no one dies because of this disease as long as the uncontrolled cells in your breast have not been spread to the other organs. Once they move to the other parts of body, it becomes more dangerous. The more organs you are affected, the more danger it will be. 

Those two facts about this disease only pieces of many information that you really need to know. Some experts say that this disease is quite hard to be cured, but the truth is keep doing therapies can decrease the symptoms. Even though you feel that you already feel great from the cancer, keep continuing the therapy will be good to keep your body free-cancer, especially for women under 50 years old. Thus, keep checking up your health to doctor specialist is still the best option to stay away from stage 4 breast cancer. Do not forget to ask what kind of treatments that fit to your condition in order to help you curing the cancer.Keep your health controlled and guided by the doctor’s instruction, it will help you to avoid the stage 4 breast cancer.