The best time to detect signs of colon cancer is before it has any symptom. Symptom from cancers colon is often appear when the cancer has develop and spread to other organ that dangerous for your life. To diagnose your colon cancer, there will be screening test that done by people who have no symptom is much easier to treat. Screening test is able to prevent several colon cancers by find and remove the pre-cancer developments that called with polyps.

Possibility Signs of Colon Cancer
These signs of colon cancer are possibility causes by other diseases that not cancer such as irritation in bowel syndrome, infection, inflammatory bowel disease, and hemorrhoids. When you have these problems, you need to see your doctor to treat. The symptom you need to detect such as rectal bleeding, blood in our stool and dark stools. There is change in bowel habits such as constipation, stools that narrowed, and diarrhea that continue for last then few days. The cramping and abdominal belly pain, unexplained weight loss, weakness and fatigue. Because these symptoms are very general with other disease, the screening test is very important. This will prevent you from advanced symptom from colon cancer.

Treatment for Signs of Colon Cancer Detection
There are different types treatments that colon cancer patient able to choose. The standard treatment for colon cancer treatment includes surgery, radio frequency ablation, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy. Your doctor will recommend best treatment that suit with your colon cancer stage and location. For Colon Cancer itself, for 0 stage, the following treatment local excision and simple polypectomy or resection and anastomosis is done when the tumor is too large by local resection act. In stage 1 colon cancer, the treatment usually come with resection and anastomosis. In stage, II and III the treatment is continue and combined with chemotherapy.  These both stages will need for clinical trials for chemotherapy regime.

Treatments for Late Stage IV Colon Cancer
Treatment for stage IV colon cancer includes the local excisions for tumors, resection, and surgery due to remove the other organs that have infected with cancer cells such as lungs, liver and others. In order to preventing from this late stage of colon cancer, the risk factor such as heredity from family with colon cancer history, have other colon problem and type 2 diabetes increases the risk of colon cancer development. The blood test and physical exam will help your doctor to diagnose your signs of colon cancer and decide the treatment based on the test result.

Cancer de colon is a type of cancer happened in colon or large intestine (the digestive system lower part). It is commonly followed by rectal cancer that happens in several inches of last colon; it is also named colorectal cancer. In most cases, colon cancer starts developing from the adenomatous polyps; the noncancerous bunches of cells. In some time of development, the cells could develop to be colon cancer. In early stages, this type of cancer doesn’t show clear symptoms, that is why it needs regular screening to identify the polyps before it develops to be cancer cells.

The Symptoms of Cancer de Colon
Cancer de colon may cause few symptoms and signs such as;
⦁ Diarrhea, constipation, stool consistency changing, or other kinds of bowel habits changing.
⦁ You find some blood in the stool or bleeding while bowel
⦁ Discomfort feeling in abdominal area such as gases, pain, cramps, etc.
⦁ You feel that the abdomen isn’t empty completely after bowel.
⦁ Fatigue or weakness
⦁ Significant weight loss for unclear causes.
Most sufferers of cancer de colon don’t feel clear symptoms in the early stage of the disease. When the symptoms of the disease come, it will be vary in severity, the size of the cancer cells, as well as the location inside the colon.

The Causes of Colon Cancer
Mostly, the causes of colon cancer are not clear. The abnormal growth of colon cells is likely to be cancer de colon. When the cells grow normally, it will make functions well inside the body. However, when the cells abnormally grow to become cancerous, the cells continually grow but aren’t needed by the body. Instead, the cancer cells will destroy the healthy cells and the tissue surround it; larger and larger until it reaches other parts of body.
It starts in the form of polyps in the colon lining. The shape of the polyps could be like mushrooms or flat on the colon walls. The polyps are pre cancer cells that can be removed by certain treatment so it will not develop to be colon cancer.  
Genetic mutations become one of the most common causes of colon cancer. Someone who has parents who suffer colon cancer will be likely suffering the disease more significantly. Keeping digestion health well is the best way to prevent colon cancer. You should have balance diets every day and consume sufficient amounts of fiber for smooth and healthy digestion system and preventing cancer de colon.