Liver cancer survival rateĀ almost similar with the stage 3 lung cancer. Persons with liver cancer have five years chance to live. But of course, there are many cases when the patients live longer than predicted. It may be caused by their way of living and how serious they adapt healthy life style. No matter what the disease, there are always some factors which cause it, whether it is genetic or bad habit. This is when healthy life style plays big roles in keeping us away from deadly disease like liver cancer. Why so? Because healthy life style leads to healthy way of eating, healthy foods selection and healthy calorie burning.

Symptoms and signs on liver cancer
The symptoms and signs of liver cancer are likely almost the same with the ones of stage 3 lung cancer. They often diagnosed when the cancer has already in advanced stage. However, there are cases when the liver cancel symptoms are identified; when treatment as well as medication may be helpful. Here are common symptoms you should be aware of. Be aware when you suddenly lose appetite and lose weight without you even try. Notice whether you already feel full even though you only have a small meal. Vomiting and nausea are the other signs of liver cancer, so if you have the signs above plus both symptoms, see your doctor for consultation and examination. Liver may be enlarging and it feels like a mass on the right side, under the ribs. You might also feel painful abdomen because it swells and produces fluid. Do not underestimate also when you feel itchy and your skin and eyes turn yellowish. Let us now see theĀ liver cancer survival rate.

Survival rate of liver cancer
As mentioned before, a person with liver cancer may live for at least 5 years or more. It may also depend on the development of the treatment and the condition of the patient which include way of life, way of thinking and other factors. The surviving patients may be in certain stages. When the cancer is localized, it means the disease is only in the liver. But when it is in regional stage, it means the cancer has touched the surrounding organs. And, when it comes to distant stage, it means the cancer has spread in larger range. So, there are things which really affect theliver cancer survival rate.