Lung cancer symptoms are various. You who want to avoid lung cancer should know some signs of this cancer first. This cancer can attack both women and men but the biggest amount of people who get this cancer is men. This cancer usually doesn’t show signs and symptoms in early stage too just like other cancer. Because of you never see signs and symptoms of this cancer in early stage of this disease, some people don’t know that they suffer with this disease until they get serious condition.   There are some risk factors of this cancer but you better know some signs and symptoms of this cancer.

Symptoms and Signs of Lung Cancer
Some people who suffer with this disease usually will get new cough that doesn’t go away in longer time. You will get chronic cough too. Sometime you will find blood when you cough. You will find difficulties to breath and you experience shortness of breath when you suffer with this cancer. One of common lung cancer symptoms that you can get is chest pain. That is why when you experience chest pain you should think it seriously. You must be ready to visit your doctor. The other signs of this disease are hoarseness, wheezing, losing weight without clear reason and some other things. The other people who suffer with this disease can get some other symptoms such as bone pain and also headache too.

Risk Factor of this Disease
For all of you who are fear to get this disease, you must know risk factor of this disease. It is better for you to know that people who can suffer with this disease in easy way are people who smoking cigarette and have family history of this lung cancer too. You who still smoke your cigarette and you don’t want to quit from your bad habit must be ready for this disease. It is better for you to make appointment with your doctor when you see some symptoms or signs of this disease. You can do counseling with your doctor and if you find difficulties to smoke from your cigarette, you can consult to know strategy to quit from this bad habit. Smoking cigarette is not the only reason why you get this disease. There are some causes of this disease that you must know. The first prevention that you can do to avoid worst lung cancer is detecting some signs and symptoms of this cancer. You should visit your doctor and then consult about your lung cancer symptoms.

Lung cancer symptoms should be something to know by those who are in risk suffering this type of cancer. By knowing the early symptoms, early medical treatments can be given in order to stop the development and spread of the cancer cells.

What is Lung Cancer?
Lung cancer is the growing cells in the lung organ abnormally and uncontrolled and even can form tumors. It could grow in one or both parts of the lungs. For the development of the cancer cells, lungs get unhealthy tissues and it doesn’t have normal functions. For the disturbed functions of the lungs, the oxygen transfer through the blood is also disturbed.
Various factors can be the causes of lung cancer. Those with genetic mutations are more likely to get lung cancer. The series of genetic mutations will cause the lung cells grow abnormally to be cancer cells. Moreover, the bad environmental condition also supports the development of the cancer cells such as smokes of cigarettes, air pollution, radon gas exposure, asbestos inhaling, etc. Those factors will make the lung cells grow abnormally and then bring lung cancer symptoms.    

The Lung Cancer Symptoms
Various lung cancer symptoms may happen in the patients, that is why you should consult a doctor when you feel any unusual feelings. Some symptoms are similar with the bronchitis symptoms. Medical checkup in details should be done to know whether the health problem is lung cancer or not. The symptoms of lung cancer develop to be advance stage in years of period. The early stage commonly doesn’t give much sign.   

Lung cancer symptoms in chest:
⦁ Intensive coughing
⦁ Pain feeling on the chest, back, and shoulder; the pain is not related to coughing
⦁ Sputum color and volume changing
⦁ Breath shortness
⦁ Hoarse and voice changing
⦁ Some sounds produced while breathing
⦁ Lung disease that happens repeatedly such as pneumonia and bronchitis
⦁ Mucus with blood
⦁ Bleeding while coughing   

The symptoms will be felt in other parts of body when the cancer has spread to other organs such as lymph nodes, brain, bones, adrenal glands, and liver. The symptoms gotten when the cancer has spread;
⦁ Significant weight loss and appetite loss for unclear cause
⦁ The wasting of muscle
⦁ Pain in joint, bone, and headache
⦁ Bone fractures for unclear cause
⦁ Memory loss, unsteady gait, or other symptoms of neurological problems
⦁ Swelling on face or neck
⦁ Weakness
⦁ Bleeding or blood clots  
Those are serious condition of health and you should see a doctor for medical exams when the lung cancer symptoms gotten.