Ovarian cancer symptoms are not likely detected in the very early stage of the disease. Ovarian cancer is a cancer type that develops in women’s ovaries. Every woman commonly has two ovaries where eggs and hormones such as progesterone and estrogen produced. The symptoms of ovarian cancer mostly felt by the sufferers in late stages; mostly when it has spread to abdomen and pelvis. It is difficult to treat and could cause fatal when the disease has reached late stages. It is important for every woman to check her health so the disease like ovarian cancer can be detected in early stage and cured successfully. Chemotherapy and surgery are two most common treatments to cure ovarian cancer.

The Ovarian Cancer Symptoms        
As written above, ovarian cancer doesn’t bring any symptoms in its early stage of development. When the disease has been in advance stages, sufferers could feel some few symptoms but it is not specific. Sometimes they make mistakes in defining the symptoms in the early conditions because it is like not serious health problems such as irritable bowel or constipation. Other kinds of ovarian cancer symptoms are such as;
⦁ Distending or swelling of the abdomen
⦁ Feeling full much quicker than before
⦁ Weight losing significantly
⦁ Uncomfortable feeling in the pelvis area
⦁ Constipation or other problem and uncommon condition of bowel
⦁ More urination needs  
The Causes of Ovarian Cancer Symptoms
The clear causes of ovarian cancer haven’t been found yet. Mostly, ovarian cancer happens for the normal cells mutations to become cancer cells. Genetic mutation often becomes the main cause of this cancer. When the genetic mutations happen, ovarian cells will grow abnormally quick and then forming a tumor. It invades tissue and the initial tumor could break off and then spread in other parts of body.

When You should Have Medical Exam?
Serious problem of health must need quick medical exams and treatment intensively. When you feel such symptoms above and worry about such serious problem, then you should see a doctor to check. If you have a family history suffering cancers such as ovarian cancer or other cancer types like breast cancer, etc. let the doctor know so he will know about the cancer risk in you. The higher risk of cancer in those with cancer history in family should be tested in the gene mutation tests. Your doctor will need the genetic counselor opinion about it. The genetic mutations in women that cause ovarian cancer happen in only small number of women. It is important to check your health before the ovarian cancer symptoms happen.

Ovarian cancer prognosis is often asked by patient to the doctor. Ovarian cancer is one of serious cancer types that will make women feel so fear. When your doctor diagnosed you and called that you suffer with this cancer, it is time for you to know about your cancer prognosis. It will help you to understand more about your cancer and you must know too what you must do. It can be used as guideline too. The prognosis will depend on some factors for examples overall health and also your age. Ovarian cancer can be caused by so many factors. Some women get this cancer because their family also has this cancer. You must understand stage of this cancer first before you know more about prognosis.

Stage of Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer prognosis will be related with stage of your cancer too. There will be 4 stages of this cancer. Stage one is the basic stage where the cancer has not spread to the other parts or outside the ovaries. The doctor will find cancer inside the ovary. You may get cancer in one of your ovaries only in stage one. How about stage two? When you are in stage two of this cancer, it means doctor find cancer in both or ovaries of your cancer have spread to some other places within your pelvis. It can be in fallopian tubes, uterus or other places. Your cancer can be found too in rectum, sigmoid colon or some other organs. Stage three of this cancer is when cancer is found in your both ovaries and also in the lining abdomen. The last stage is when your cancer has spread to distant sites. It can be found in lungs, liver or other parts of your body. When you are in stage 4, you must have get some treatments to make your life longer.

Survival Rate of Ovarian Cancer
The most serious types of ovarian cancer is ephitelial ovarian cancer. It is also called as deadly cancer type because it will kill more than 80% patients in short time too. People who get this cancer still have 50% chance to continue their life when we compare with some other cancer. It can be avoided and when you have already suffered with this cancer, it is better for you to get treatment or therapy such as chemotherapy based on your doctor suggestion.  It is time for you to understand more about your disease. You can ask more about ovarian cancer prognosis.