What is prostate cancer actually? How is the disease happened and grown? How should the disease be treated properly? Those questions appear in sudden when people know that this disease is very dangerous for your body. In UK, prostate cancer has become the common cancer that is suffered by men. In this case, this article tries to elaborate and describe several information about the disease.

What is prostate?
Prostate is a gland that men have which is the position is exactly below the urinary bladder. It grows rapidly depends on the age and the rise in men homones in the body. However, when you are in adult-age, the size grows slower than your puberty-era. The function of prostate is to make some fluids that protect and nourish sperms cell in semen.

What is prostate cancer?
Prostate cancer is one of many types of cancer which is also dangerous for your body. This disease can come in sudden without any symptoms to the patient. The only symptom that appears in the patient is the increase need to urinate and also a feeling that your bladder is not really emptied. However, prostate cancer is not the only one disease that can happen started from prostate, but also sacromas, small cell carcinomas, neuroendocrine tumors, and transitional cell carcinomas.

What are the causes of prostate cancer?
The research shows that men over 50 years old are risk to be diagnosed of prostate cancer. This disease also spreads from the suffered to everyman around him. Even though this disease doesn’t spread directly and not as fast as the other infectious diseases, being close to the suffered can also be a cause of having prostate cancer. For men who are in diet, it also can be a cause of the development of prostate cancer. Moreover for them who consume high calcium, it is related to an increase of prostate cancer.

How is prostate cancer treated?
Since prostate cancer doesn’t give the suffered an exact symptoms, monitoring your condition is the first step to avoid the disease. For the early stage suffered, there are three treatments that can be done in order to cure the disease: removing the prostate, hormone therapy, and radiotherapy. For the later stages, actually there is no exact treatment that has been proven to fix the disease, but you can try to prevent the symptoms that appear because of prostate cancer.
Since prostate cancer is quite dangerous, hopefully, reading this article to help you know better about this disease. Thus, when your friends or brothers are infected by prostate cancer, there will not appear again the questions about it such as ‘what is prostate cancer?’, ‘How should it be treated?’ etc.