Stomach cancer prognosis is told in some sources. There are some types of cancer that we can find in this modern era. When we talk about modern time, we will be able to find more people suffer with diseases such as cancer. We can’t avoid that bad lifestyle will influence your health. You will be easy to get dangerous disease when you have bad lifestyle. How about cancer in your stomach? Some people are common to know lung cancer, heart cancer, blood cancer and some of other cancer types. For all of you who want to know more about this cancer, you can check information here.

What is Stomach Cancer
Stomach cancer prognosis should be started by understanding what this cancer is. This cancer is cancer that begins in the inner lining of your stomach. This cell will grow into tumor and it is called as gastric cancer. This cancer will grow bigger and bigger over a year. There are some common and possible causes of this cancer. For all of you who want to avoid this disease, it is so important for you to understand some causes of this cancer first. People who smoke cigarette will have possibility to get this cancer in easy way. People who are obese or overweight get this disease in easy way. People who do high diet or unhealthy diet program may get this disease too. Some people with blood type A is found to be easy in getting this disease. Certain gens and virus infections will be able to make people get this serious cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer
How about symptoms of this cancer? When you who want to make your life longer or you want to be free from this disease, it is so important for you to know some symptoms of this cancer. Stomach cancer usually will make you feel bloated after you eat your meal. Some people who get this cancer usually will loss their appetite in short time. You who suffer with heartburn and slight nausea must visit your doctor too because the symptoms may make you get this disease too. You can also find some other symptoms such as vomiting, blood in your stool and also stomach pain. When you find some symptoms above, it is important for you to visit your doctor fast. Your doctor will tell you more about prognosis and your life chance when you get this cancer. Prognosis and life chance will depend on stage of your cancer too. You can read more information about stomach cancer prognosis.