You should know the thyroid cancer symptoms so that you can immediately take further treatment. Here are a variety of symptoms that can be found in diseases of thyroid cancer: 
1. the initial symptoms that occur in diseases of the thyroid cancer is contained enlargement or swelling of the neck. You can observe changes in your neck and look more enlarged than before. You can immediately consult a doctor if it finds this swelling.
2. Other symptoms of thyroid cancer patients will have voice changed. Thyroid cancer patient voice will become hoarse.
3. In some cases of thyroid cancer, cancer patients will also experience coughing continuously. Cough that occurs in patients with thyroid cancer can also cause coughing up blood.
4. In some cases of thyroid cancer, cancer patients can also experience diarrhea or constipation. But this does not occur in all patients with cancer, only some patients who experience this.

The Cause of Thyroid Cancer
Here are a variety of causes of thyroid cancer: 
1. Diseases of thyroid cancer will be easier to attack you ever or frequent radiation therapy. You should consult with your doctor before you perform radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can cause thyroid cancer is radiation in the head or chest.
2. If you have a family history of thyroid disease which is chronic, it can lead to a greater risk of this disease. You should consult with your doctor about things that are forbidden for people with thyroid cancer.
3. If you have an environment that is extremely harmful radiation then you may develop thyroid cancer. This will cause the cells in your body are not fully developed and cause mutations in the genes of your body.
4. The enzyme deficiency and iodine is also a cause of thyroid cancer.

The Treatment for Thyroid Cancer
Here are a variety of treatments that can be done by people with thyroid cancer: 
1. for the treatment of thyroid cancer this then you should consume foods that contain iodine doses recommended by doctors. In addition to iodine, you can also meet the need of enzymes for your body.
2. You are also advised to exercise regularly so as to make thyroid cancer more difficult to attack you. You could make them by exercising regularly around your home environment.
3. You are also encouraged to eat a healthy diet. You can consult with a doctor about the foods that are good for patients with thyroid cancer. For further treatment, then you may know about thyroid cancer symptoms.