Symptoms of lung cancer information can be found in some sources. When you want to avoid from some disease, it is important for you to search information. You can ask your doctor or you can do searching for free in the internet. As we know today in this modern time there are so many diseases that can attack us in easy way. Bad lifestyle and bad environment usually will increase factor to get so many diseases. One of serious diseases that can kill you is lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of serious cancer because lung is vital organ for our body. We must care of our lung when we want to do all activities in easy way. If you are fear to get this disease, it is time for you to know some of early signs of this cancer. Detecting in fast or early time will help you to get fast treatment for your disease too.

Cough But Doesn’t Want to Quit
You who experience cough that doesn’t want to quit must be careful because it is one of signs of this cancer. New cough that lingers for long time is common symptoms of this cancer. Some cough types will be associated with respiratory infection and also cold. The common cough usually will go away after a week or maybe less than a week. Serious cough that is sign of this cancer will not go away although you have already experienced it for long time. When you experience this type of cough or some other symptoms of lung cancer, you better consult or visit your doctor for fast time to know whether you experience this cancer or not.

Breathing Changes
The other symptom that you can experience when you get this disease is breathing changes. Breathing change usually will attack you because your lung cancer will block and make airway becomes narrows. That is why you will experience difficulties to breath. This symptom usually will happen or occur when you climb the stairs, go to groceries, do some hard tasks and some other things. When you experience it too, you should not ignore it because it can become one of signs of this disease. You will experience chest pain too and it will not go away for long time. There are some other signs that you must know and although you just experience one of some signs, it is better for you to consult or visit your doctor to know whether you get this disease of not. You can visit your doctor and tell about symptoms of lung cancer.

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