Throat cancer symptoms are various and you need to know the signs or symptoms when you want to avoid or get fast treatment for your cancer.  There are some dangerous diseases that can attack in easy way when you always do bad habit. One of some serious cancer is throat cancer. This cancer is often categorized as cancerous tumors that develop on your throat or in pharynx area, tonsils or in voice box. This cancer usually will be caused by abnormal cell that grow out your throat and then it will spread to some other areas on your throat. There are some causes of this disease such as family history and also your bad habit. Now, for all of you who want to check whether you get this disease or not, you can check some signs of symptoms of this cancer below.

Pain on Your Throat
One of common throat cancer symptoms that you will feel is pain on your throat. Some people will experience cough too and the other people will experience changes in voices. They will not be able to speak clearly or in clear voice too. You who get this disease may experience difficulty in swallowing. Some people experience ear pain for longer time and you don’t know the cause of this pain. When you feel lump or sore for longer time, you need to know and consult to your doctor to know the cause of your sore. The other symptom of this cancer is weight loss. Most of people who experience this cancer usually will lose their weight in fast time. They don’t do diet program but they lose their weight in fast time. You need to consider it as sign of this cancer.

When to See Your Doctor
When you are fear to get this disease you must consult to your doctor. It is better to make appointment first to your doctor and then your doctor will check your condition. Sometime your doctor will recommend you to do test so you will know clearly whether you get this disease or not. There are some things to do when you want to be free from this disease. First you need to take medicine from your doctor. Second you need to change your lifestyle and third, you need to do treatment that recommended by doctor. You must choose reliable doctor to diagnose your condition. It is better for you to pay more money and get reliable result rather than going to unreliable hospital to get treatment for your disease. Now, you have already known about throat cancer symptoms.

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