Colon cancer signs usually do not appear until it reaches more serious stage. Those who suffer early-stage colon cancer usually do not feel any symptoms. That’s why it is important for adults over 50 to have regular screening for colon cancer. Treating this cancer as early as possible will enable them to avoid uncomfortable and painful condition in the future.

Colon cancer definition and risk factors
Colon cancer affects more than one thousand of people every year. This cancer affects the colon or the large intestine. At an early stage, this cancer will not cause serious complication. It is usually only in the form of small lumps or polyps. However, these lumps will keep growing and develop into cancerous tumors. Once they get bigger, they will cause more serious problems and are harder to treat. At later stage, color cancer signs will start to appear. Some of them are diarrhea or constipation, blood in stool, fatigue, stomach pain, and unexplained weight loss. You must see a doctor if your symptoms don’t go away even after you have taken certain medication and you are older than 50 years old.
The cause of colon cancer is unclear. However, some factors can increase the risk of colon cancer on someone. One of them is unhealthy diet. People who eat high fat food and do not eat enough fiber will have higher risk of suffering this disease. Another risk factor is the inflammatory intestinal condition. People who suffered Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or other intestinal condition in the past may have higher risk of suffering from colon cancer. Family history of colon cancer and older age are other risk factors of colon disease.

How to avoid colon cancer
If you have some of the risk factors above, you must try to avoid this condition. There are several things that you can do to stay healthy. One of them is that you can start to have healthy diet as early as possible. You must eat more vegetables and fruits. And you must avoid eating processed meat and red meat. If you are overweight or have a lot of belly fat, then you must plan weight loss program. To stay away from colon cancer, you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol. You must also start to exercise regularly.
Leading a healthy life will enable you to avoid the complication of colon cancer. Once you lead a healthy life you do not need to worry about colon cancer signs.

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