How do you get cancer actually can be affected by wide variety of factors. Even though basically cancer appears due to abnormal growth of cells in the body, there are other factors which are suspected to trigger cancer. Knowing the factors which can cause cancer is important so that you can prevent yourself from cancer or determine the right treatment as soon possible so that it does not get too severe. Besides, cancer is dangerous diseases which have leaded million sufferers in the world to death. Hence, by knowing the causes you can at least reduce the number of people who died by cancer.

Cancer cells development
The main factor which can result on cancer is no wonder the development of the cancerous cell itself in our body. Cancer cells do not develop like the normal ones. Cancer cells come with broken DNA. Even though it is genetically different with other cells, it keeps reproducing the new cells. Those cells are also able to proliferate and divide themselves quickly whilst forming their own blood stock in order to maintain the development of the tumor. With their fast development, those cells turn to malignant so that they can eat the normal cells. The cells keep proliferating until they are able to invade body tissues or organs. After the cancer cells have taken over the organs, it develops more severe by spreading all over the sufferer’s body.

Environmental factors
Environment is the host of various kinds of harmful toxins. Whenever your body gets exposed with those toxins, it can trigger the appearance of cancerous cells in the body. For example, when people smoke or unsmoking people inhale the smoke can raise their risk of getting cancer since the toxins in the smoke can trigger the normal cells in your lungs to develop as cancerous cells. There is another environmental factor which can contribute on how do you get cancer which is an excessive exposure to sun. This factor is commonly known as the cause of skin cancer. Sun ray contain dangerous UV and other harmful chemicals and whenever your body get continuous exposure, it will change the development of the normal cells as well.

When you are in stressful condition, it commonly will increase the production of your hormones. Besides, it raises the free radicals level in the body which can cause damaged skin tissues. Both increasing of hormones and free radicals are known to be a factor of how do you get cancer.

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