Facts about cancer are very interesting to know since it is considered into type of disease which kills million people each year. Cancer is basically caused by abnormal growth of normal cells. However, there are a number of factors which can trigger the appearance of cancer cells in the body such as continuous exposure of sun rays and free radicals. Cancer cells divide themselves fast and live longer compared with normal cells. For severe case, cancer cells can eat the normal cells. There are wide varieties of cancers and the type of the cancer commonly depends on the organ which is affected. Here, some facts of several cancer types that you should know.

Facts of tongue cancer
Cancer can invade the oral organs such as tongue. Similar with other types of cancer, tongue cancer can be treated easier you can detect it earlier. However, this cancer commonly can be detected after you have done regular examinations. Tongue cancer is as dangerous as the majority of cancer which can result to death. Among the facts about cancer which affect the tongue, this cancer usually have male sufferers rather than female sufferers. When it comes to the factors which cause tongue cancer, tobacco contained in the cigarette and excessive alcohol consumption are suspected to be the main causes of this cancer. This cancer is commonly treated by using radiation therapy or surgery. Every now and then, those two treatments can be combined as well.

Facts of liver cancer
Another cancer which contributes the most death is liver cancer. This cancer causes one million deaths from all over the world every year. Based on the data of cancer institute, this cancer is more likely affect Asia and Africa citizens compared with American citizens. Besides, it is can be found in men instead of women. The ratio of male and female liver cancer sufferers is two to one. This cancer is considered as type of cancer which cannot be easily detected. The symptoms of this cancer are difficult to realize whenever the sufferer does not have any liver disorder. However, if the sufferers have previous liver disorders such as cirrhosis, this cancer can be suspected easier since it comes out faster. The symptoms of liver cancer can be various. It can be a change colour of your skin which turns into yellow and tired or weak feeling. Some sufferers may also experience of reducing appetite and vomiting. Besides, painful feeling in the upper stomach can be suspected of liver cancer which also becomes one of the facts about cancer. 

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