What causes colon cancer? This question is often asked to some doctors. Today in this modern era, you can learn and understand more about your body condition via online. It means you can enrich your knowledge and understand about some serious disease so you will not make your body condition become worst time to time. There are some types of cancer and one of serious cancers that you must know is colon cancer. Colon cancer can be caused by some factors and you can know some factors caused this cancer here.

Caused by Polyps
What causes colon cancer? First cause of this colon cancer is precancerous polyps. You will get this cancer when you find polyps in the large intestine. There are some common types of polyps that you can find such as Adenomas, Hyperplastic polyps, and also inflammatory polyps. You need to understand one by one of some types of polyps first. Adenomas usually will become cancer in short time. Hyperplastic will rarely become colon cancer and the inflammatory polyps usually will become cancer when it causes inflammation.

Gen and DNA
The other cause of this cancer is gen. Gene mutations will be able to cause this cancer because of some reasons. Inherited gene mutation is the common cause of this colon cancer. It can increase risk of this colon cancer. That is why when you have family with this cancer too, you better be careful because you may get this cancer too. There are some common forms of this colon cancer syndromes too that you can find. First is familial adenomatous polyposis is rare disorder that will cause some polyps in your colon and also rectum. Second is hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. It is also called as lynch syndrome. It increases risk of this cancer and some other cancers. It can develop become cancer before age 50 too. When you want to understand more about this cancer, you can search more information via online. There are some sources that you can use to know more about this cancer. You can also visit your doctor to know about this cancer. Doctor will check your condition and your possibility to get this cancer. There are some symptoms of this colon cancer that you must know and when you find the symptom it is better to go to doctor soon. There are some treatments that will be recommended to you too so you can be free from this disease when you visit to your doctor from early stage. It is time for you to understand what causes colon cancer.

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