Cancer of the liver is common cancer that is easy to find today. There are some types of cancer in this world. Liver is one of important organs on your body.  When you get liver cancer, it means you can lose the function of liver on your body. It will cause dangerous condition because we know that liver has so many functions especially to filter poison. It means you can get some diseases in very easy way. For all of you who want to know more about this cancer, you can read more information here.

What is Liver Cancer
First when we talk about cancer of the liver, we need to know the definition of this cancer. This cancer is condition that you feel when normal cells on your liver become abnormal and the cells grow out of the control into serious cancer. This cancer will have some stages too from first stage to four stage. In each of stages we will find different growth of cancer. When your liver cancer becomes worst it can cause chronic cancer or it is called as cirrhosis. This cirrhosis usually will cause scars in the liver and increase the stage of your cancer. People that have big possibility to get this disease are people who suffer with hepatitis C, hepatitis B, people who drink or consume drug and alcohol. What is cause of this cancer?

Cause of Liver Cancer
As it is said above people who have high risk to get this disease are people who have bad lifestyle such as consuming alcohol and drugs. It means we can say that the cause of this liver can be your lifestyle and environment. Wrong diet program can also cause this serious condition too. Some researches show that there are some chemicals such as soaps and detergents that can cause some diseases and one of some diseases is liver fibrosis. There are some chemicals on detergents and soaps that cause negative health impact too for our body. What are some symptoms of this disease? You who want to prevent or detect your disease in easy way, you must understand some symptoms that are signs of this cancer. People who get this disease usually will experience weight loss, decrease appetite, swelling of feet, yellowing of eye, and yellowing skin. There are some ways to diagnose your disease too such as blood tests, CT scan, MRI, and some other ways. Now, after you know more information about this disease, you know how to prevent and when to visit your doctor. You can find other information in some sources about cancer of the liver.

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