Many experts are still researching on how to cure cancer even though some people have been cured by cancer by the existing cancer treatments nowadays. However, the success rate to be cure of higher stage of cancer is still pretty low, that is why more cancer cure innovation are being research. There are quite a lot cancer treatments nowadays that cancer patients can do in order to lessen the pain and shrinking the size of the tumor in their body. Here are some of them.

Chemotherapy or chemo is the use of medicine or drugs to treat cancer. There are different drugs and medicine used in chemotherapy and it is important for patients to know of these drugs and how they work in killing the cancer inside their body. There are also the side effects of chemotherapy that patients should be aware of before starting the treatment so that they will not be shocked when the side effects affect them.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high energy waves or particles in order to destroy the cells that cause cancer. There are different types of radiation therapy as well as the equipments used in the therapy that patients should be informed of. Many people might be worried to use the radiation treatment since the radiation can also affect the normal cells around the cancer cell. However, the normal cells will be able to repair themselves when they caught in the radiation while the cancer cell will be dead.

The surgery options can be done in any stages of the cancer development inside a patient’s body. Surgeries can be done in order to remove, prevent, diagnosed, and treat cancer and in some cases even prevent it to happen. There are many different types of cancer surgeries; all depends on the types of the cancers as well as the condition of the patients.  People with cancer have high probability of having any kinds of surgery since it is the highest chance of how to cure cancer.

Targeted Therapy
The targeted therapy is a newer kind of cancer treatment that is quite similar to the chemotherapy treatment since it also uses drugs and medicines. Targeted therapy is a more precise treatment since it focuses solely on the cancer cells without having to affect the normal cells around it. This method of how to cure cancer is usually used alone but when the patient used other treatments, they usually also combined with targeted drugs consumption.

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