Liver cancer symptoms can be detected by some doctors or other people who have more knowledge about this disease. What is actually liver cancer? For your information, this cancer is also known as hepatic cancer. It starts in your liver, not from another organ that eventually transferred to your liver. In other hand, maybe there are some cancers that start form somewhere else. After that, it ends up in your liver. Well, those causes are not primary liver cancers.
Cancer which originates from other organs will not be called as primary liver cancer. It will be called as secondary cancer. For example, you have cancer in your lung or heart. After that, they are transferred to your liver. Well, those cases are not part of primary cancer of your liver. Keep reading below! Here are the discussions of liver cancer symptoms.

How this cancer happens?
First of all, of course it will be started in your liver organ. As we know that liver is located under your ribcage and below the right lung. It is also one of largest organs of your body. Then, it is also divided into the left and right lobes.
The liver cancer appears when the tumor grows there. There is the most common type of this cancer. It is hepatocellular carcinoma. It can attack males more than females. The World Health Organization also reported that liver cancer as the death cause for 30 cases of 100,000 people in the world. This cancer is caused the most by alcohol consumption and drugs injection.

What are signs and symptoms of this cancer?
What is sign? Well, sign is something that can be detected by doctor or other people. Meanwhile symptom is something that the patients feel. For example, pain may be symptom. Meanwhile rash will be the sign.
Well, signs and symptoms of this cancer cannot be felt or noticed till the cancer is getting well advanced. So, what are those signs and symptoms? First of all, you can get jaundice. Your tongue, skin, and teeth will get yellow.
After that, there will be also abdominal pain. It will happen on your right side or right up to your shoulder. You will also get unexplained weight loss. So, it also can lose your weight like other cancer symptoms. Besides that, your liver will be also enlarged and there is swollen abdomen. Last, you can get nausea and fatigue. Finally, those are all some discussions of liver cancer symptoms.

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