Colon cancer symptoms in men like most cancer symptoms are mild and even sometimes unidentified earlier. However, there are things we can do to prevent this deadly disease, although genetic factor can never be erased. At least, the development of the cancer and the worst stage can be avoided if we live healthy life style and do healthy activities in the right portion. There are some signs you should be aware of to identify whether or not you are having colon cancer. Do not underestimate single sign, because it may lead to the other ones. See your doctor for consultation when you have colon cancer like symptoms and study more with your doctor about colon cancer symptoms in men.

Some signs you need to be aware of which may lead to certain cancer
Be aware if you have peeing problems. When they get older, some men may need to pee more often and it usually happens at night. They sometimes leaking or dribbling and feel urgent need to pee. Or, they might feel the urgent to go, but then having trouble to start the peeing, or having weak stream. Next thing you must pay attention is your testicles. When there is a slight change in your testicles, go to your doctor soon so that he may find what’s wrong and do the treatment. Take a look at the color of your pee. Is it normal or there is blood in it? If there is blood in your pee, this may be the first sign of colon, kidney or bladder cancer. But do not conclude anything before you go to the doctor.

Symptoms of colon cancer you must notice
Pay attention to the habit of your bowel. Are you having diarrhea or constipation? Is there any change in your stool consistency? If there is blood in your stool, you need to see your doctor soon. It can be other disease, but do not delay to see any health care provider to know your real condition. Do not underestimate as well when you feel uncomfortable in your abdomen. It can be cramp, persistent pain or gassing. Although fatigue and weakness can be the other signs of other condition or sickness, you still need to be extra aware, especially if you also lose weight without trying. Please note that in some cases, person with colon cancer may not have the colon cancer symptoms in men. 

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