Likely to launch early September 2017 and on-sale probably mid-September 2017. So, there is a big rumor that iPhone 8 release date will be released in next year I mean in 2017 and there is an even big rumor that Apple is releasing three iPhone models in next year. So, we already know that ultimately designed iPhone8 will also releasing in the next year. Actually, this phone is updated version of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were both phones get succeed in the market. So, now they are redesigned updated version.  Now there is big news popular in Asia that Apple had designed medium size iPhone and the size is 5 inch which has the feature called vertical dual camera. Most of us confused that is it a new model or included in iPhoine8?

Now the people have started guessing it. As you know iPhone 8 is rumored that it will have 5 inch display and total size of the phone will be around 5.2 inches. You might know that iPhone 7 plus has the dual-lens camera then there is a rumor that this device will also have the same feature. Lots of Asian popular websites releasing the updated news about iPhone 8and what is going to work for iPhone 8 in next year. They not released any specifications about this phone but they have clearly mentioned the features of the iPhone.

Actually iPhone 7 plus has the “Portrait mode” which will be found in SLR and mirror less cameras and it will also add the two lenses to help this feature and even for zoom. I think I never seen these type of camera features in any smart phone now days. So, we have to wait for the release of this iPhone and to check whether iPhone added the ultra camera features in it or not.

There is no rumored release date of the iPhone 8 and there is a similar thought in everyone’s mind that the Apple will follow the same schedule each year and they are trendy about that.

You might know that the every handset of the Apple even from the beginning have been scheduled and released in September. So, we are expecting the same schedule for the iPhone 8 too. So, the iPhone 8 will be releasing in 2017.

So, we know that the phone will be releasing in the specific schedule and they held the even on the September 7 to. You may know that events of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 are also held on the September in the respective launching years.

You might check the old dates of the iPhone where they have released their phone then you will get the same date database.

So, the iPhone 8 will be releasing in September but you need to wait for few weeks until they starts selling the phone. Actually it takes about two weeks to announce the sale, Then you can buy the iPhone 8 right after the end of the September 2017.

The launch event makes take on the first or second week of September 2017. So, as right after that the phones will hit on stores after two weeks.

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