Signs of lung cancer it is not so noticeable, especially in the early stages. Lung cancer can be prevented with you do not smoke or exposed to cigarette smoke. Lung cancer is most common in smokers. Symptoms are often attacked someone with lung cancer is coughing continuously. Coughing is also an early sign of lung cancer. Continuous cough can also cause coughing up blood. You should immediately see a doctor if you find these symptoms. Patients with lung cancer are also more difficult to breathe and often fatigue for no apparent reason. You will find it difficult to breathe it continuously. You can consult a doctor to overcome this. You can exercise and a breath of fresh air for your ease breathing. Lung cancer patients will also experience drastic weight loss.

The Cause of Lung Cancer
Here are various causes of lung cancer: 
1. the main cause of lung cancer is smoking. It causes lung cancer most common in smokers both active and passive smokers, smoking habit making it easier for developing lung cancer. In addition, non-smokers also may develop lung cancer but it is likely to develop lung cancer for nonsmokers are still very low.
2. Causes of lung cancer that is too often inhaling arsenic or radiation. If you are too frequent inhaling harmful gas will increasingly make the risk of developing lung cancer increases.
3. The cause of lung cancer is very difficult to avoid, especially for those who live in large urban air pollution. Air pollution can cause your risk of developing lung cancer increases.
Lung cancer usually occurs in people who are elderly. You should immediately check the condition of your lungs in a doctor.

The Treatment for Lung Cancer
Here are a variety of treatments you can do for lung cancer: 
1. Treatment of lung cancer can be treated according to the severity of the cancer in your body. The rate of cancer in your body will also affect the treatment and handling can be done.
2. If the cancer cells have not spread widely, then you can do the removal of cancer cells. If the cancer cells cannot be removed because the condition is not possible then you can do the treatment with the destruction of cancer cells. You can do radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells.
3. You can consume a healthy diet to treat lung cancer. The sooner you do the treatment the faster the healing process of lung cancer. You can recognize the early signs of lung cancer.

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