The small cell lung cancer also called with oat cell cancer. Small cell lung cancer or SCLC is growing faster rather than other types of lung cancer. This cancer spreads much faster than other non-small cell lung cancer. There are two types of small cell lung cancer; small cell carcinoma (oat cell cancer) and combined small cell carcinoma. Most of SCLC includes into oat cell type. In general, lung cancer is condition where lung cell started to grow rapidly as in uncontrolled manner. About 1% of lung cancer is SCLC and it is more common experienced by men rather than women. The cancer usually develops from breathing tubes (bronchi) in chest center. This cancer is the most aggressive form of lung cancer that very quickly to grow and create tumors and spread rapidly into other organs such as brain, bone and liver.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptom
The symptom for small cell lung cancer is similar with other symptom disease; therefore, you need to consult with your doctor when you have these symptoms. Due to smoker, cough that does not go away and get worsen over time is the first signs that you need to aware for the cancer symptom. The condition that trouble in breathing, discomfort in chest and pain, wheezing, hoarseness, trouble in swallowing, unexplained weight loss, feeling very tired all day, and there is swelling in your face and veins in neck can be a possibilities for your small cell lung cancer symptom.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Risking Factors
Smoking is the most common caused from lung cancer. A person who starts smoking in earlier ages, more often to smokes and years from person smoking become the greater risk factor from lung cancer risks.  Person who stops smoking will reduce the risk as the year passes by. Other risks factors from SCLC exposed to be second hand smoke, have family history with lung cancer, exposed with chromium, arsenic, asbestos, soot and tar in workplace, exposed with radon, and live in environment with heavy air pollution.
Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages
There is two stage of SCLC, the first is limited stage and the second is extensive stage.  The limited stage cancer is condition where the cancer starts develop and spread into area among lungs and other lymph nodes beyond collarbone. In extensive stage small cell lung cancer, the cancer cell has been spreads over the lungs area or between the lungs area and the lymph nodes beyond the collarbone into other body places.

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