Stage 3 lung cancer is one of deadly disease in the world. Whether it s genetic or other factor; deadly diseases or the light ones, it is all depending on our way of life. Genetic disease, if we adapt healthy life style, we can decrease or lower the chance and risk of being attacked or getting worse. There might be things in life that make us unaware of our health, such as dense work schedule; stressful atmosphere at home or at work and good health condition. Yes, good health condition may cause us ignore and care less of our body health. We consume any foods even the unhealthy and fatty ones. We have high sugar beverage or the one with high alcohol. Those are only some things that make our health waning. Now, let’s get to know more of stage 3 lung cancer.

This is what you should know about stage 3 lung cancer
When the doctor says it is lung cancer and it is in stage 3, it means the disease is on advance stage. You need to understand the symptoms as well as the treatment. Unfortunately, the persons with lung cancer when diagnosed are already in the advance stage. In stage 3, the lung cancer has spread to the nearby tissues and even may have reached lymph nodes. The stage 3 of lung cancer itself is divided in stage 3A and 3B. In stage 3A, the cancer is still the same side of the chest. It is advance but locally. While in stage 3B, the cancer has spread to opposite side of chest and all organs there. Let’s recognize the lung cancer symptoms.

Symptoms of lung cancer
Lung cancer in early stage may not show visible symptom. You need to see the doctor soon if you recognize these symptoms. The person with a lung cancer usually will only survive for about 5 to 6 years after being diagnosed. Treatment and medication should be done when a person has these symptoms. He may have trouble in breathing or short breathing. He may also feel painful in chest area. Listen when he is breathing, there might be wheezing sound and his voice changes when he speaks. You may see a friend with those symptoms above also loses his weight extremely. If he complains headache and pain in his bone (pain in his back, for example), he is likely to have stage 3 lung cancer.

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