The stage 4 lung cancer is the most advanced form of lung cancer disease. Lung cancer is starts when abnormal cell growing out of control in lung. This abnormal cell invades nearby tissues and then form tumors. This lung cancer develops in lung area and able to affect any other parts of respiratory system as complications. The lung cancer cells are able to spreads, metasizes into lymph nodes and other body parts and organs. Lung cancer divided into two types, the small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Small cell lung cancer spread and growth quicker rather than non-small cell lung cancer and lung cancer become the most leading cancer death in the world. The symptom of first sign in lung cancer includes coughing and feeling short breathing, pain in chest, and blood in mucus when cough up. The Ct-scan test will test your cancer cell type and stage to measure your cancer size and the cancer spread in your body.

The Stage 4 Lung Cancer of Life Expectancy
In this stage 4 lung cancer, the cancer cell has been metasize and spread beyond the lungs area into other body parts. There 40% from this non-small cell lung cancer was diagnosed this diseases when they are already in 4 stage.  The five-year survival rate for patient who has diagnosed with this lung cancer stage 4 is less than 10%. Stage 4-lung cancer can be in condition with T or N, that means for tumor size is capable to be in any size and may not possibility in have or not have grown into lymph nodes nearby. The variables that affect into stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy is varies among different patient.  The factors includes than particular lung cancer type, location of your cancer lung, ages( younger people tend to have longer life rather than older lung cancer people), general health time condition when diagnosed, respond for the treatment that taken, and other health condition that able to lower stage 4 lung cancer rate of life expectancy.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Treatment
The stage 4 lung cancer is able to treat. However, the surgery will not able to remove all the tumors. The chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies are able to improve the survival rate and help patients with cancer lung symptom.  The respond from your stage 4 lung cancer treatment will influence your life expectancy. 

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