Stage 4 stomach cancer is the most advanced stomach cancer. It is difficult to treat. Suffering from this cancer makes patients have low quality life. That’s why it is important to lead a healthy life as early as possible to avoid this condition.

Understanding more about stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer. In this condition, cancer cells develop on the inner lining of the stomach. These cells usually grow slowly over the years.  In the early stage, this condition will not cause serious symptoms. People who suffer this condition often mistake the symptoms as common digestive problems. In consequence, when they feel persistent symptoms, it is too late for doctors to treat it easily.
Some of the stomach cancer symptoms are persistent heartburn and indigestion, feeling bloated after meal, frequent burping, trapped wind, and persistent abdominal pain. These symptoms usually appear when the cancer is still in early stage. When it is at more advanced stage, this condition will cause black stool or blood in stool, weight loss, and loss of appetite.

Stomach cancer stages
Stomach cancer is categorized into five stages. It is stage 0 to stage 4. Stage 0 and stage 1 is the earliest stage of stomach cancer. At these stages, the cancer has grown only in the inner lining of the stomach. In the stage 2 stomach cancer, the cancer cells have grown larger and nearby lymph nodes contain cancer cells. In stage 3 stomach cancer, the cancer cells have grown on the outer lining of the stomach. There are several nearby lymph nodes and nearby organs that contain cancer cells. Stage 4 stomach cancer is the most advanced condition. In this stage, the tumor has spread into other organs that are far from the stomach such as bone, lung, and brain.

Treatments for stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is hard to be cured completely. That’s why it is important to treat it as soon as you feel the early symptoms. Similar to other types of cancer, stomach cancer can be treated with surgery and chemotherapy. Doctors will perform gastrectomy or stomach surgery to remove some parts of the stomach which are affected by the cancer. After the surgery, patients with stomach cancer may need to adjust the portion of meals that they eat. They must also follow chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill cancer cells that may remain after the surgery. For stage 4 stomach cancer, it needs take more time to cure it.

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