There are so many symptoms of prostate cancer; you should know the symptoms of this from the beginning so that it can be done further treatment. Following the existing symptoms due to prostate cancer: 
1. the earliest sign is the presence of pain while ejaculation. You should immediately see a doctor if you experience this.
2. Another sign is the erection of the penis is not that hard.
3. You will also feel pain in the back and almost all parts of your body. You should not underestimate the disease and immediately went to the doctor.
4. At the time of urination will also be visible symptoms. The quantity of urine produced will be less than usual. You will also find blood in your urine.
5. In some cases, it will also be found swelling in the legs.

The Cause of Prostate Cancer
The following causes of prostate cancer: 
1. the cause of prostate cancer is not clear, but doctors stated that the cause of the first because there are abnormal cells. These abnormal cells will invade into other parts of the body, causing the occurrence of prostate cancer.
2. Prostate cancer is usually more frequent in men aged parents. More often in men aged over 50 years.
3. If you already have a family member who develop prostate cancer then your chances of developing prostate cancer increases. You should see a doctor.

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer
To prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer then you can do these things: 
1. you can consume foods that are healthy and nutritious. You can consume fruits and vegetables. You should avoid consuming foods that are high in fat. You can consume a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
2. You should avoid taking supplements. This is because the supplement will not make you avoid prostate cancer. You can consume a healthy diet rather than taking supplements.
3. You should be diligent exercise. This is because in a study. The Men who exercise diligently to be a low risk for prostate cancer.
4. If you have excess weight then you should avoid foods that contain a lot of calories. People affected by prostate cancer and excess weight will be more difficult to cure. Therefore, keep your weight in order to remain ideal.
5. If you are concerned with prostate cancer to attack you then you can consult a doctor. You can find out if you attack the prostate cancer through the symptoms of prostate cancer.

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