Throat cancer symptoms just like the symptoms of other cancer types; it doesn’t appear in early stage of the disease and be severe and fatal in the late stage. All types of cancer, including throat cancer is the abnormal development of cells that multiply and cause uncomfortable feeling in the body. The abnormal cell growth develops to become tumors. Cancer in throat commonly attacks vocal cords, voice box, and kinds of throat parts like oropharinx and tonsils. There are two main groups of this cancer; pharyngeal cancer (happens in pharynx) and laryngeal cancer (happens in larynx).   
The Symptoms of Throat Cancer
The most common throat cancer symptoms are such as;
⦁ The changing of voice
⦁ Difficulty in swallowing
⦁ Significant weight loss
⦁ Sore feeling of throat
⦁ Coughing with blood
⦁ Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
⦁ Pain in ears  
⦁ Wheezing and hoarseness
You should see a doctor and consult about the health problems of the throat cancer symptoms if there is no significant wellness.  

The causes of Throat Cancer
Throat cancer more likely happens in men over 50 years old of age. Those who have unhealthy lifestyle and habits commonly get throat cancer, such as;
⦁ Smoking too much
⦁ Alcohol consumption in high amounts
⦁ Deficiency of Vitamin A
⦁ Asbestos exposure
⦁ Very bad condition of dental health
Even it doesn’t have connection to cervical cancer that is sexually transmitted and caused by HPV (human Papilloma Virus), throat cancer also gets risk factor from HPV. Besides, throat cancer also commonly causes other cancer types such as cancers in lung, esophageal, and bladder. It is because cancer cells could develop and attack other body organs.  

How Throat Cancer is Diagnosed?
When you see a doctor to exam your health problem, the doctor will initially ask about the medical history and symptoms you get. If you suffer some of the main throat cancer symptoms, and you don’t feel any development to better condition, you are suspected to this throat cancer. Further medical exam to throat cancer will perform laryngoscopy or the examination of the throat in more details. First, doctor will give local anesthetic, then a long flexible tube will be inserted to the throat. Next, the doctor will examine the throat with a mirror and light. To know the abnormal development of the cells in the throat, some tissue samples will be taken and then tested to see the cancer cells before it is related to the throat cancer symptoms.

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