There are many types of treatment of cancer that a cancer patient can go through. Some of the most known cancer treatment is the chemotherapy, radiation treatment, as well as cancer surgery. The idea of having to go through cancer treatment is quite overwhelming but they still have to be informed about the treatment of cancer that they are about to undergo. Aside from those three treatments, there are also other treatments of cancer that can be done by cancer patients. Here are some of them.

Targeted Therapy
Targeted therapy is very much like the chemotherapy since it also uses medicines and drugs in its treatment. However, with targeted therapy, the treatment is specific in finding the cancer cell and uses drugs and medicine in order to kill it without having to give too much damage to the normal cells around them. There are different types of targeted therapy that can be done to cancer patients and similar to chemotherapy treatments, targeted therapy also has some side effects that patients have to be aware of such as skin problems, high blood pressure, problems with bleeding or blood clotting, as well as nausea or vomiting.

Stem Cell Transplant
Stem cell transplant is a newer treatment of cancers that can be done to patients. The idea is to restore the stem cells that are located in the bone marrow that somehow got damaged due the cancer or the other cancer treatments such as the chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Thousands of people have undergone this stem cell transplant nowadays and their conditions have gone for the better after doing this transplant. mobogenie app download There are different types of stem cell transplants that depend on the different parts that give the stem cells. The stem cell can come from your own body or from a donor with matching characteristics of stem cells.

As the name have suggested, the immunotherapy is a treatment of cancer where they use certain parts of someone’s immune system to fight the cancer cells inside the patient’s body. There are two ways to do immunotherapy nowadays, stimulating the patient’s immune system to work harder so that they can fight the cancer cells by themselves or giving the patient immune system components such as immune system protein. Today, the cancer vaccines are also still being developed in order to further prevent cancer in our body. This treatment of cancerworks similarly such as chicken pox vaccines or measles vaccines.

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