The information about skin cancer treatment is much needed since this disease is already spread around the world. Skin cancer itself is an uncontrolled development of abnormal skin cells. It is usually caused by a radiation of ultraviolet from sunshine. This radiation causes mutations, or genetic defects that trigger the skin cells to multiply and form malignant tumors. Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCC) is one of many types of skin cancer that grows rapidly suffering people. There are signs that appear when you are suffered by SCC: There is a small tumor on the lip and it grows slower than any other tumors, the form of the tumor is a hard plaque or a papule, and the tumor is usually appeared on sun-exposed areas. In this case, this article tries to elaborate several steps and treatment that can be done by the suffered of Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery
This treatment uses a scalpel to remove the visible tumor with a very soft and thin tissue around it. The layer behind the tissue is sectioned, frozen, and mapped. After that the layer is checked by using a microscope to see the detail whether the tumor is still there or not. If the tumor is still there, the first step before is done repeatedly until the area is cancer-free.

Excisional Surgery
This treatment also uses a scalpel to remove the tumor that appears on the skin. After that, the wound is closed with sutures or stitches. The excised tissue is analyzed in the laboratory for microscopic examination to make sure that all cancerous cells have been removed or not.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation
The procedure of this treatment is started by scraping off the tumor with a curette, destroying the tumor with burning heat of an electrocautery needle, and controlling bleeding. However, this treatment galaxy note 8 is not really recommended for any invasive Squamous Cell Carcinomas. It is because invasive Squamous Cell Carcinomas patients usually have a tumor in high-risk or difficulties area, such as eyelids, genitalia, lips, and ears.

This treatment uses X-ray beams which are directed to the tumor without cutting or anesthesia. This treatment has almost 100% cure rates rather than the other treatments. This treatment needs to be done for several times in a week. This treatment is also very recommended for the suffered who are not possible to do surgery, such as the elderly, or people with poor health.
Those four skin cancer treatments that can be done by the suffered, and hopefully those can help to reduce the suffered of skin cancer around the world.

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