Cancer support groups help to provide space for cancer sufferers to share their experience with other sufferers of the similar disease. Cancer is type of disease which not only affects the sufferer physically but also psychologically. Besides, it affects the family of the sufferer. While someone suffer from cancer, he needs to do the treatment which commonly takes long time. During this time those sufferers may experience frustrating and painful feeling. Hence, they need to be supported not only by their family and surroundings but also by other people. That is why, by joining this group, both sufferers and their family can feel easier in facing the ongoing treatment and other problem caused by the cancer.  

The aims
Besides providing support for the cancer sufferers, cancer support groups also offer education and beneficial conversation to the family of the sufferers. Not every support group offers similar service. Each of them can have a service that other groups may not offer. Some of the groups may provide simple types of therapy for cancer while the other groups may focus in helping to overcome the personal problems. The one who manage the group also can be different. A number of the groups are run by the cancer survivors or their family while the others are led by the cancer therapist. There are also some groups which are managed by social workers which have sympathy to cancer sufferer.

Support group for children
There is also a cancer group which are designed to provide space for the children of the cancer sufferers. It is very important to provide support for children whose parents are cancer sufferer since they might be mentally depressed not only for the financial burden but also the less affection form the parents. Through this group, children can be free from the feeling of facing this condition in their own. Children are facilitated so that they can play with the others through the help from the therapist. This supporting feeling will help the children to cope with the condition they face.

Online support groups
Some people may be fonder to join online support groups. It is fine since there are a lot of support groups which offer their services or can be accessed via online. Those who join this kind of support group commonly exchange the experience and information through chat box or message boards. However, you need to be careful since you interact with people you haven’t known while joining online cancer support groups.

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