Cervical cancer symptoms will be seen clearly not in early stage of this disease. Cervical cancer usually will occur when there are some cells on the cervix that grow out of the control. This abnormal cell will cause dangerous thing because it can spread to some other organs on your body too. When you don’t treat your cancer in correct way, it will spread and then make your body in dangerous condition too. That is why people must know some signs of this disease so they can avoid worst condition. This cancer is common cancer that can happen to all women in the world. In some countries for example in United State, most of women must do screening test to know whether they will suffer with cancer or not. There are some causes of this cancer and one of some causes is human papillomavirus or it is often called as HPV virus. This HPV virus can be got when you do sexual contact with someone that infected with this virus too. That is why you must be careful so you can avoid this disease.

Common Symptoms to Know
For all of you who often do sexual contact with more than one man, you must be careful because you have high risk to get this disease. There are some cervical cancer symptoms that you can experience for example bleeding from your vagina. This bleeding is just like bleeding in menstrual period. You may experience bleeding after you do sexual intercourse or when you enter your menopause period you experience bleeding in your vagina. You who feel pain when you do sexual intercourse need to be careful too because it is also signs of cervical cancer.

Do Pap Test
You still can avoid this disease by doing regular pelvic exam. It will detect your cancer from early stage. Your doctor will recommend you to do pap test too. Doctor will put small sample of your cell in your cervix to check whether there are some cell changes or not. This pap test will show abnormal cell changes when you suffer with this disease. You need to visit your doctor fast when you experience some signs and symptoms above so you can avoid some worst thing that may happen to you. It is better to avoid rather than doing some treatment to heal your disease. You still can do some treatment when you detect your cancer in early stage. You can read once again about cervical cancer symptoms.

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