Ovarian cancer symptoms are various and will depend on the stage of your ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer becomes one of serious cancer types that can happen to all women in the world. Today the amount of women who suffer with this cancer is increasing time to time and it shows that this cancer is really dangerous cancer. It should be avoided or you can see your doctor in early stage of cancer so you can find solution. Some women who suffer with this cancer often don’t know whether they get this cancer or not because early stage of this cancer doesn’t show some symptoms. There are no specific symptoms that you can feel so sometime people who suffer with it think that they just suffer with some other disease. So, what are some symptoms and signs of this ovarian cancer? You can get information below.

Common Symptoms
Most of women who suffer with ovarian cancer usually will experience swelling and also abdominal bloating. You who are easy to feel full when you eat your food should consider this sign as alert because it is also one of some signs of ovarian cancer symptoms. You who suffer with ovarian cancer should know that weight loss is also sign of your ovarian cancer. You should not feel happy when you loss your weight in fast time without clear reason. The other symptom that you can feel is discomfort in your pelvis area. You can experience changing in bowel habits for example constipation. Some women who get this cancer usually will feel to urinate often. When you experience some symptoms that listed above, you must know where you must go.

High Risk of Ovarian Cancer
Not all women can get this ovarian cancer. This cancer will be easy to attack women with family history of ovarian cancer. You who have family with breast cancer must be careful too because women with breast cancer family history can get this cancer in easy way too. When you have ovarian cancer or breast cancer family history, it is time for you to consult to your doctor. You need to visit your doctor and your doctor will help you to meet genetic counselor and then do test to know whether you have possibility to get this cancer or not. According to some researches, only some women that having genetic mutations that can get this ovarian cancer. You can directly visit your doctor if you found ovarian cancer symptoms.

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