Colon cancer surgery is probably one of the most effective treatments to treat colon cancer. Every year, thousands of people are affected by this condition. Doctors usually ask the colon cancer patients to undergo certain surgery to remove the tumor. Aside from surgery, doctors may also recommend the patients to follow a chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill the cancer cell which may continue to grow after the surgery. Colon cancer surgery is safe and not very painful. It is thanks to the new medical instruments that allow doctors to avoid long incision in performing the surgery.

Colon cancer surgery at early stage
To treat early-stage colon cancer, doctors will perform colonoscopy. In this procedure, a device called colonoscope is inserted into the rectum. This device is like a small tube that has a camera. Through this procedure, doctors can find colon polyps and tumors. If the cancer is still in an early-stage or in a form of polyp, doctor will be able to remove it during the colonoscopy. If the polyps are larger and cannot be removed using colonoscopy procedure, then doctor will use endoscopic mucosal resection procedure.
Laparoscopy is another procedure to treat early-stage colon cancer. Doctors will choose this procedure if the polyps cannot be removed using colonoscopy. In this procedure, doctors will create small incision in the abdomen first before inserting the laparoscope. This instrument is almost like the colonoscope and has a camera attached on it. It can remove polyps and take lymph node samples.

Colon cancer surgery to treat more advanced cancer
In a more advanced stage, the colon cancer cell has grown through the colon or into it. In consequence, a part of the colon which is affected by the cancer must be removed. The procedure to remove the affected colon is called partial colectomy. In most of the cases, the doctor will be able to re-join the remaining colon. After it is fully recovered, the patients will experience normal bowel movement like before.

In certain cases, the colon may not be able to function properly temporarily or permanently. In consequence, colostomy is needed. In this procedure, the doctor will create an opening at the abdomen and use a certain bag for the elimination of the stool. In certain conditions, the patients only need temporary colostomy. But in other cases, permanent colostomy may be needed. Solon cancer cannot be treated using alternative medicine. Therefore, if you suffer from colon cancer, your only option is that to undergo colon cancer surgery.

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